Freudian Slip of The Day

After talking about a painful divorce and custody battle with his first wife, a man smilingly declared that when he met the woman who would eventually be his second wife, he had “a new leash on life.”

Anger Management: Recommended Books

I have just created a list of five books I am recommending on anger management. For years and with good results I have recommended these books to help people deal with anger control issues both in individual therapy and marriage counseling: Read More...

How Often Do People Do It? On YouTube

Take a guess how often people do it.

You might be surprised by how often some people are doing it and how often others are not doing it.

I hope you enjoy the strip tease music courtesy of YouTube.

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Recommended Books

I just added a page, "Book Recommendations." Click here to check it out. You may also want to bookmark this page for future reference.

Related Psychology Web Sites

I have added a new page to my web site--“Related Psychology Websites”--you will find links to useful web sites on topics in clinical psychology. Here it is:

Deep Thought for The Day

A client said: "Anal people are a pain in the a@#."

What do you think?

What makes them seem that way to you?

My favorite phrase for people who are the opposite of being anal? “Tolerant of Disorder.”

You gotta love it--not messy, disorganized, or even dirty, but tolerant of disorder.

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Deep Thought for The Day

“Enmeshment knows no boundaries.”
Anyone with training in family therapy immediately knows what this means.
Anyone who has watched “Everybody Loves Raymond” also has a sense of how intrusive some family members can be to the dismay of other family members. We say that these families don’t have a sense of proper boundaries--they are “enmeshed.”

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Six Steps to A World-Class Apology

I have been able to identify six steps that need to be taken to deliver a “world-class apology” worthy of, and likely to elicit, a genuine response of forgiveness.


An Example of Non-Verbal Intimacy

This example nicely illustrates the general ideas that (1) intimate experience is a product of intimate behavior, (2) non-verbal behaviors can produce intimate experience, and (3) intimate experience consists of a sense of shared understanding accompanied by some positive feeling(s).


Mutual Understanding in Intimacy

I think an intimate relationship is constituted by four feelings: mutual understanding, mutual liking, mutual respect, and mutual admiration. Here I share some of my own thoughts about one aspect of intimacy: mutual understanding. Read More...

The Art of Love: The Conversational Palette

Like an artist, you can choose topics from your “Conversational Palette” that move your partner to feel more intimacy, passion, and commitment in your relationship. Read More...

Model of Love

In couples therapy, one of the first things I do is to introduce a model of love and encourage partners to use this model to understand their own relationship. Psychologist Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love characterizes love relationships as being constituted by different combinations of three elements: Intimacy, Passion and Commitment. Different types of love can be described by different combinations of these three elements.