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Raising a child is probably the toughest but most rewarding job you will ever have. As parents, we can be overwhelmed by difficult questions and conflicting advice from numerous sources. You’ll get parenting help from Dr. Garamoni, a parent who knows that solutions to behavioral problems have to be more than textbook successes. Solutions have to work for your child, your values, and your schedule.

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While he works individually with children and adolescents, Dr. Garamoni often sees them in Family Therapy. This form of treatment involves the participation of one or more members of the same family who seek help for troubled family relationships or the problems of individual family members. Typical problems that bring families into family therapy are delinquent behavior by a child or adolescent, a child's poor performance in school, hostilities between a parent and child or between siblings, and severe psychological disturbance or mental illness in a parent or child.

In most family therapy sessions, Dr. Garamoni encourages family members to air their feelings, frustrations, and issues. By observing how they interact, he can help them recognize their roles and relationships with each other. He tries to avoid assigning blame to any particular family member. Instead, he makes positive suggestions about how family members might adjust their roles to prevent future conflict.

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Book Recomendations: Children, Adolescents, Families

This book is a must-read for any parent. It is concise and well-written. I personally like the use of cartoons to help parents grasp parenting techniques: A picture sometimes is worth a thousand words. I usually recommend this book to parents in family counseling. I have used the authors' techniques in my home with good results.

From the same authors of the above book, another must-read book for parents of teenagers. I am now recommending this book to parents in family therapy. Now that I have one of these teens myself, I have begun using these techniques in my home.

This is an excellent book on parenting from the well-respected psychologist Dr. John Gottman, his wife, and the author/psychologist Dr. Dan Goleman, who helped popularize the concept of emotional intelligence. The book helps parents identify, evaluate, and modify their parenting styles and become emotional coaches to their children. I highly recommend this book.

This little book provides a four step procedure for stopping backtalk from getting out of control. I often recommend this to parents in family therapy.

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