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Half of your child’s waking hours will be spent in school and homework activities. Make sure your child is getting the school experience he or she deserves. If school means tears, frustration or failure, consider getting professional help.

Does your child need to be tested for a suspected learning disability?

Maybe the public school system will agree to do it . . .

Maybe not.

The good news: If and when the public school system is convinced your child needs to be tested, they will do the testing for free.

Learning Disabilities Assessments, Psychoeducational Evaluations
The bad news: Testing may not be done until your child is failing. And the waiting list can be long . . . Very, very long.

So you may want to consider the alternative.

You may want to have your child tested privately.

Dr. Garamoni specializes in performing Psychoeducational Evaluations, also known as Learning Assessments or Learning Disability Assessments.

Dr. Garamoni will provide a thorough evaluation of factors that might affect your child’s learning--identifying the problems and whatever strengths and strategies can be used to compensate for them.

Following testing, he will work with you, your child, and the school to develop a plan that works.

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Consider what is best for your child.

Private testing can give you the results you need.

A thorough assessment by an experienced clinical psychologist.

Reported in a timely manner.

Consider having your child tested by Ponte Vedra Psychologist Dr. Gregory Garamoni.

The help your child needs.

Sooner rather than later.

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