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If you are worried about the future of your relationship, you have plenty of company. A majority of couples are divorcing, and surveys reveal a lot of dissatisfaction in marriages. Fortunately, something can be done about it.
And that’s where Dr. Garamoni can help you -- he specializes in Marriage Counseling--also called Couples Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Marital Therapy, and sometimes Family Therapy. Dr. Garamoni is an experienced psychologist who can understand seemingly hopeless relationship problems and formulate comprehensive treatment plans to resolve them. He begins by conducting thorough interviews and administering questionnaires to pinpoint sources of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. He works quickly to stop any destructive exchanges, prioritize critical issues, and foster a renewed sense of intimacy, passion, and commitment.

Over half of Dr. Garamoni’s practice is devoted to couples therapy. Physicians, attorneys, and other professionals refer couples to Dr. Garamoni for help with a very wide range of concerns. These referrals include married couples as well as unmarried couples, including same sex partners. Some couples come for pre-marital counseling to prevent trouble in the future. Some couples seek relationship enhancement. Others are in acute stress following some crisis that threatens their relationship. Many couples have experienced a gradual loss of intimacy, passion, or commitment--they feel stuck and want professional help to restore love to their relationship. Some come specifically for Sex Therapy.

Couples may come for relationship therapy, but are better served by Family Therapy in which children, parents, or other members of the family are involved. In some cases, one or both partners may need individual therapy to alleviate symptoms and improve the relationship.
For example, Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety, Stress Management, or Career Counseling may be recommended.

Dr. Garamoni often sees couples struggling with
infidelity, an especially difficult crisis in any relationship. Fortunately, many couples are able to feel increased hope after learning that partners often do recover from this traumatic experience and are inspired to do the hard work necessary to save their relationship.

For partners who cannot work through their differences, separation or divorce may be the best choice. In
divorce counseling, Dr. Garamoni does his best to help couples separate in constructive ways for themselves and any children involved.

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Book Recommendations: Love, Marriage, Divorce

After reading the first edition of this book nearly 30 years ago, I never think or talk about about love relationships without considering Dr. Branden's formulation of the "visibility principle," which I have commented on in one of my blogs ("Mutual Understanding in Intimacy"). This is serious, well-written book by a brilliant theorist. If you are looking for a book of techniques to improve your relationship, this is not it. It is not a "fix it" book by any means. If you are looking to understand the psychology of romantic love, this is a wonderful read. Caution: If you like to highlight text when you read, buy some extra highlighters because almost every page has something worth highlighting.

This book is for serious students of love only. My thinking about love and marriage is informed by this edited collection of essays, especially Sternberg's chapter on his Triangular Theory of Love, which I have summarized in one of my blogs ("Model of Love"). This is not a self-help book.

This book is also for serious students of love only. This is not a self-help book.

This book is also for serious and advanced students of love only. The author writes lucidly, concisely, and, at times, a little to dryly. She draws on empirical studies to develop and anchor her theory. The book was published in 1995 so the citations are getting a little stale. I still think many of Dr. Prager's conclusions are timeless. I blogged on one of her insights (An Example of Non-Verbal Intimacy). This is not a self-help book.

As a marriage counselor/couples therapist, I often recommend this book to couples experiencing relationship difficulties. Unlike "Psych Jocks" on TV and radio, Dr. Gottman has devoted his life to researching intimate relationships. He has had thousands of couples in his "love lab," filling out questionnaires, having their interactions videotaped, and even having their physiological stress responses monitored during these interactions. Dr. Gottman has been able to predict with remarkable accuracy which couples stay together and which ones don't. Two criticisms: Unless I'm missing something, I think Gottman lacks an overarching theory of intimate relationships to help couples digest his research findings and guide them through the process of improving their relationships. I also think that he sometimes gets a little too cute and gimmicky with his phrases (e.g.,"four horseman of the apocalypse"). He keeps on publishing more and more relationship self-help books, but for my money this one is just fine. When I use this book in marriage/couples counseling, I ask partners to buy two books because there are questionnaires that need to be completed by each partner.

Another well-written, research-based book that I am recommending to people in marital/couples therapy.

A very practical and readable book that I am recommending to partners in marriage counseling/couples therapy.

I often recommend this book to couples experiencing relationship difficulties. The authors ground their recommendations in years of research and field trials.

This is a must-read for couples affected by infidelity. The book is well-written in non-technical language. I regularly incorporate this book into marriage counseling sessions when infidelity is the issue. I have found that when a spouse refuses to read this book, the prognosis is not good.

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