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Nothing is guaranteed to last forever. Marriage, pregnancy, birth, an illness, a death, an accident, a market crash, relocation, promotion, a layoff, divorce, retirement--we all face major changes--positive as well as negative--and the need to adjust to them--from the moment we’re born till the day we die. And then there are the daily hassles of living--a traffic jam, a flat tire, a mosquito bite, a long line at the store, a misbehaved child in a restaurant, a broken appliance. Whether it is chronic or acute, big or small--stress often takes an under-appreciated toll on physical health and emotional well-being.

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Dr. Garamoni specializes in Stress Management and gets referrals from physicians and attorneys to help their clients/patients cope with stress-related problems at home and work. His interest goes back to the 1980’s when he was a graduate research assistant helping a leading stress-researcher, Dr. Scott Monroe, investigate the role of stressful life events in depression. He conducted hundreds of interviews with depressed patients in order to assess stress before, during, and after treatment. During that period, he also published a paper on stress-prone personality patterns.

Throughout treatment, Dr. Garamoni maintains an emotionally supportive environment and selects techniques tailored to the needs of each client. He helps each client grasp and apply an ancient, lofty philosophical insight that has now become a modern, grounded psychology principle: We are not disturbed by the situation itself, but rather by our interpretation (or misinterpretation) of it. Dr. Garamoni helps his clients lower their stress by realizing that in many situations they misunderstand what is really at stake, overvalue its importance, overestimate the threat, and underestimate their ability to cope with the threat.

In some cases, the solution to one person’s stress problem may require the involvement of that person’s family. In this case,
Couples Therapy or Family Counseling may be indicated. In other situations, some other form of individual therapy may be needed--Cognitive Therapy for Depression, Cognitive Therapy for Anxiety, or Career Counseling.

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